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Patch 1.26.3

08/15/2018 09:00 AM



  • Temporarily reverting a change that caused certain moves to not drain Stamina while the opponent is already Out of Stamina:
  • Lawbringer

- “The Long Arm”

- “Shove”

  • Shinobi

- “Tackle”

- “Double Dodge Kick”

- “Front Roll Kick”

  • Shugoki

- “Headbutt”

- “Demon’s Embrace”

  • Raider

- Sprint Front Throw

- “Stampede Charge”

- “Stunning Tap”

  • Highlander

- “Caber Toss”

Developer comment: As some of you have noticed, several attacks no longer depleted stamina on Out of Stamina targets (Raider’s Stampede Charge” and “Stunning Tap” for instance). These attacks were part of a global change to stamina damage management that we have been working on for some time. The idea is that stamina damage applied on an already Out of Stamina opponent will only pause their stamina regen instead of dealing more Stamina damage. This prevents situations where a player can get locked Out of Stamina.

Some modified attacks made their way into the Season 7 build without the rest of the changes we’re still working on. We apologize for the confusion. We are going to quickly revert back these attacks to their previous states, until it’s time for the full update to be deployed.


  • Temporarily reverting Shugoki’s “Demon’s Embrace” so that it once again succeeds on an opponent that is in Revenge Activation, Uninterruptible Stance, or attack while in Revenge.

Developer comment: When we decided to make “Demon’s Embrace” vulnerable to Revenge Activation, we were looking at the problem from the Revenge system’s perspective. “Demon’s Embrace” is the last exceptions that we want to resolve in order to guarantee that Revenge Activation can counter any attack. Obviously, in doing so, we nerfed the Shugoki. But we thought that the benefit of Revenge fairness would overcome the Shugoki’s nerf. We were wrong. As a result, we will revert this change, making “Demon’s Embrace” go through Revenge Activation for now. We’re not giving up on removing exceptions from Revenge Activation counter rules. For “Demon’s Embrace”, this means that we will bring this change back once we have a more complete update package for the Shugoki in order to compensate for this loss. Stay tuned.


  • [Adjustment] We are reactivating the Quit Penalty for all casual game modes. The Matchmaking Penalty is now set to 300 seconds (5 minutes).

Developer comment: Following the increase of player’s leaving in casual matches, we set a penalty timer for any player leaving a casual match. Those players are denied matchmaking for the next 5 minutes. This update should reduce the amount of PvP matches in which bots are replacing players.

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