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Warrior's Den Livestream Recap - May 16

05/17/2019 12:00 PM

Hello Warriors!

If you missed our Warrior’s Den livestream on our Twitch channel yesterday, we put together a recap with the must-know updates of the week.

Here is the stream itself:

Game Updates:

Dynamic Rewards

  • We tweaked the dynamic rewards values to adjust the amount of XP and steel rewarded at the end of matches
  • We fixed an issue in Duel vs. AI where the rewards were pulling from the wrong reward pool, and resulted in a lower value for this mode

New Arcade Weekly Quest: Dura Lex from May 16 to May 23

New Event Order: Special Slayer Challenge

  • From May 16 to May 23
  • Be the Faction with the most Takedowns performed in Realistic Dominion

Community Contest

Special sale: Goth Day

  • Save up to 50% on multiple items from May 16 to May 23

Content of the week

  • Apollyon’s Wolves Mask Outfits for all the Wu Lin heroes
  • 20,000 Steel each

You can check out the new Wu Lin Mask Outfits in our Content of the Week video:

State of Balance Q&A with Stefan Jewinski

Luc Duchaine and Stefan Jewinski, our Team Lead Game Design, answered your questions about our latest State of Balance article on Year 3: Season 1. We’ve included two answers in the recap, but be sure to check out the full Q&A for questions about light attacks, the Raider, and future mechanics the devs are looking to nuke.

ShieldsDansGame: Having stamina is fun. Why aren't I allowed to have any while fighting Raider?

Our coming mid-season patch does have stamina changes. The big thing we have in that is that if you’re out-of-stamina, anything that costs you stamina at that point will no longer reduce your stamina, it can only pause you. The intention there being that you spend less time in out-of-stamina states and people can’t chain you forever in an out-of-stamina state. Eventually, you’re going to regenerate and get out.

xxkevindxxLawbringer: Any plans on continuing tweaking Lawbringer after all the feedback of the current rework? He's slightly better than before, but leaves a lot to be desired. His unblockable heavy mixups can be easily dodged from all directions. It's also interruptible since it doesn't have hyperarmor.

Let’s answer this in two parts. We know that globally, our problem is that there are a number of ways to escape mix-ups, not just for Lawbringer but for quite a number of characters. This is what we’re attempting to fix with the upcoming season. We think Lawbringer’s case is an easy one to solve as it falls right into the regular timing as any heroes, from second attack to third attack. I think that will solve Lawbringer’s problem there specifically and a number of others. 

The second part of the question comes to Uninterruptible Stance aka Hyper Armor. For me, it doesn’t make sense for Lawbringer to have a ton of Hyper Armor because Lawbringer’s identity is the counterattacking character. It’s the one with the best parry options and with more than anyone else has. That’s what we want Lawbringer to be about.


Here is our breakdown of the winners from our past tournaments as well as the details for our upcoming tournaments.

Past Tournaments

The Arena 4v4 Xbox

  • First Place: EG Team (Shlept, Anaklumsos, Donuts, Rival)
  • Second Place: Skaal (Ymir, Vulcan, Ragnarok, Shaven Shaman)
  • 5 Teams

The Arena 4v4 PC

  • First Place: UDDA (Clutchmeister, Setmyx, Zero_Craic, Silencer)
  • Second Place: UPUPUPUPUP (Reignited_Regis, He(MadaraUchiha), DivinePurpose, Saints_Bazil)
  • 6 Teams
  • You can watch this tournament on Clutchmeister’s Twitch channel

The Arena 4v4 PS4

  • First Place: Genei Ryodan (Cheryshev, Davydenko90, |__BigBoss__|, ||-Harasser-||)
  • Second Place: Pietero Emmet Zambelli (zombiekiller3351, simply-_-alex, nikolasbihas2003, exthyoon)
  • 4 Teams

Upcoming Tournaments

Crowe’s Nest 3v3 PC

UGL For Honor Breach Tournament Grand Finals

  • Thursday, May 16 @ 6-7 PM EDT
  • 10 Teams competed since March, now top 4, including some For Honor devs such as Stefan and Alex
  • Watch live on the Ubisoft Gaming League Twitch channel

If you have any clips, highlights from previous tournaments, or are running any upcoming tournaments that you would like for us to shout-out, please send all information to or tag us on Twitter @ForHonorGame!

The Mechanics of Fabrics with Mathieu Latulippe

If you watched our Year 3 Season 1 Livestream, you might remember that Mathieu Latulippe, our Technical Director in animation, did a really cool segment on character rigging in For Honor:

You guys wanted to see more of Mathieu and he heard your calls! In yesterday's livestream, he presented a special segment - “The Mechanics of Fabrics”:

We recommend watching the whole segment, in which Mathieu explains how cloth and vertex painting work and shares some great visuals, but we’ll give you a few fun facts:

  • Cloth as it is in real life doesn’t work on computers and doesn’t exist like that. It doesn’t have a soft surface that stimulates well. What works however is having springs, and adding a lot of those in between beads to create a cloth-like surface.
  • The flags you see in the game look like cloth, and used to be cloth, but they’re not! Mathieu revealed that the flags started out as cloth, but then they added bones to them and animated them. This helps pre-cook the whole movement, which is easier.
  • On a similar note, your flail - that lethal weapon you like to wave around - is made of... cloth.

We’ll leave you with a look at the flail, and most importantly, Mathieu’s version of the Lawbringer: the “Clothbringer.”

We hope you enjoyed reading our recap of this Warrior’s Den, especially if you didn’t get a chance to watch it. You can also catch the full livestream and more exciting coverage in our Twitch collection of highlights.

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