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For Honor at E3 2019!

06/10/2019 03:00 PM

Greetings Warriors,

The whole For Honor team appreciates your ongoing support and commitment over the years. Year 3 is a BIG year for For Honor and we feel incredible to be back at E3 once again! Here is everything you need to know about For Honor’s presence at E3!

Ubisoft E3 2019 Conference, what you missed:

On, Monday June 10th, starting with the Pre-Show. For Honor announced some exciting news.

Watch the conference Video On Demand here:

For Honor : Livestreams

From June 11th to June 13th, at the Ubisoft Booth – Central Stage, we will be hosting Livestreams.

For these livestreams, we are delighted to work closely with our Community Streamers: Daddy_law_69, Hyperion, HavokFH, Kitys, Lightboogey, Nikkiduhgames, Setback and Strippin.

These livestreams will be broadcasted on our For Honor Twitch Channel, as well as on each of our players personal Twitch Channels.

Livestreams Schedule:

  • Tuesday, June 11th: 3:30 PM PT to 4:30 PM PT
  • Wednesday, June 12th: 3:30 PM PT to 4:30 PM PT
  • Thursday, June 13th: 1:00 PM PT to 2:00PM PT

Where: For Honor Twitch Channel

E3 2019 official Fan Kit

To celebrate our E3 Presence, we put together an official E3 2019 Fan Kit , which will be available June 11th 2019!

  • For Honor: Shadows of the Hitokiri Official Trailer
  • For Honor: Shadows of the Hitokiri Key Art
  • For Honor: Shadows of the Hitokiri gameplay screenshots
  • For Honor: Shadows of the Hitokiri social media assets
  • For Honor: Spectator Mode Trailer
  • Cosplay Guides

For Honor @E3: Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops will be available on our official For Honor Twitch Channel from June 11th to June 13th.

Viewers who watch the stream will have the opportunity to win the following Twitch Drops:

  • A GUARANTEE of 1 Scavenger Crate every day to each viewer for every 30 minutes of cumulative watching time.
  • A chance to earn 100,000 steel on June 13th after every 10 minutes of viewing time.

Important: Twitch Drop notifications won’t happen in real-time during the stream. Scavenger crates will be added to Ubisoft accounts right after the campaign. Steel will be added to Ubisoft accounts on June 14th.

For more information, please visit this article.

See below for step-by-step instructions to ensure your accounts are set up to receive Twitch Drops:

  1. Register for Ubisoft Twitch Drops
  2. Log in with your Twitch Account and click “Authorize”
  3. Log in with your Ubisoft Account and click “Activate my account”
  4. Watch the stream on the official For Honor Twitch Channel
  5. That’s it! You don’t need to use any chat commands to trigger it. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Please ensure you are linking your Twitch account to the Ubisoft account on which a version of For Honor has been purchased. Twitch Drops only work for “Live Streams”, you won’t be eligible if you watch it later when the “Video on Demand” is available.

Stay tuned for the Ubisoft Conference on June 10th at 11:00 AM PT to get further updates about For Honor!

-The For Honor team

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