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Warrior's Den Recap - July 11

Warrior's Den Livestream Recap - July 11

07/11/2019 12:00 PM

Hello Warriors!

In today’s Warrior’s Den, we talked about our new livestream schedule, and more!

Check out the full episode if you missed it:


New Warrior’s Den Scheduling!

We’ve been reading your feedback over the past few weeks about the Warrior’s Den frequency. A lot of you have been mentioning that the show doesn’t necessarily need to be weekly, as we don’t always have a lot of information to give you.

After three years of streaming weekly, we’ve also been looking to change things up a bit! We love connecting with you guys every week, so we wanted to make sure that this stays a priority. We’ve looked over everything and we’ve come up with a plan. 


Starting August 1st 2019, we will have 6 Warrior’s Den livestreams for Y3S3. These livestreams will all be packed with important information and news, so make sure you come by to join us!

On the Thursdays without streams, you’ll still get your weekly updates in our blog posts, which you can find on our website. You can already check out our previous Warrior’s Den recap blogs. These posts will go up on Thursdays at 12PM ET.

This way, you guys won’t miss out on a thing!

Shadows of the Hitokiri Community Order Rewards

Players who participated in the Shadows of the Hitokiri event will be getting the symbol that was not granted when the order finished starting on August 1st!

Ranked Slayer Challenge

Be the faction with the most takedowns performed! From July 12th until July 15th.


Arcade Weekly Quest: Grimsson the Deathless

A Gronthveit warrior believes he is the child of Viking gods who granted him the gift of immortality.

You have become his new target. Defeat Grimsson the Deathless and learn his strange story…


Summer Sale

25% off EVERYTHING! That’s over 3,000 items!

Sale lasts until July 25th, 9AM ET.


Champion status sale

Save up to 50%!

Sale valid until July 25th, 9AM ET.



Here are the details for this week’s upcoming tournaments:

Strawberry’s 2nd 4v4 Dominion

1v1 Weekly Foxtrot

Infinite’s Xbox 2v2 Brawl Tournament

If you have any clips or highlights from previous tournaments or are running any upcoming tournaments that you would like for us to shoutout, please send all information to or tag us on Twitter @ForHonorGame!

We hope you enjoyed reading our recap of this Warrior’s Den, especially if you didn’t get a chance to watch it. You can also catch the full livestream and more exciting coverage in our Twitch collection of highlights.

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