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Twitch Drops Year 3 Season 3

Twitch Drops Activated for Every For Honor Streamer

07/29/2019 12:00 PM

We’re celebrating the For Honor Year 3 Season 3 with huge Twitch Drops rewards! If you watch any stream of For Honor during August 1-7, 2019, you will be eligible to receive Twitch Drops! All channels that stream to the For Honor Twitch directory will have drops activated. As a viewer, head to any stream that is streaming to For Honor, and all you need to do is watch to earn rewards.

The longer you watch, the better and more the prizes you will earn. Watch a full 24 hours of For Honor during August 1-7 and you will get all of the prizes listed below, including the grand prize of 2 scavenger crates, 7 days of champion status, and 4,000 steel!

Additionally, random drops of XP boosts will drop daily during the campaign, so watch your favorite streamers as much as you can!


IMPORTANT: Twitch Drop notifications won’t happen in real-time during the stream. Your in-game rewards will be added directly to your Ubisoft account the following day.

For Viewers

All you need to do to be eligible for Twitch drops is to connect your account, and then watch any For Honor stream from August 1-7. Be sure the channel you’re watching is streaming to the official For Honor Twitch directory. Watch time is tracked cumulatively, so if you watch 24 hours then you will get all prizes. It doesn’t matter which channel, but you will not earn duplicate rewards on multiple channels.

For Streamers

Be sure you register your account for Twitch Drops and that you are streaming to the official For Honor Twitch directory.


How do I connect my accounts to be eligible for Twitch drops?

Head over to and login with your accounts.

What channels do I need to watch in order to get the rewards?

You need to watch any channel that is streaming to the official For Honor Twitch directory.

As a streamer, how do I activate these rewards for my viewers?

Change the game you are streaming to as “For Honor” and then go live with For Honor! Be sure you have connected your accounts here before.

What rewards can I win?

You can win all of these Twitch Drops. The watch time is cumulative, so for every milestone you will receive the prize for that tier.


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