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Welcome to the Core Combat Update!

08/06/2020 01:15 PM


The Core Combat Update is now live in For Honor! This update brings more dynamic offense, more consistency, and changes to help counter spammed light attacks. You can find more info in the video below:

The CCU directly follows from the Testing Grounds changes that many of you tried back in March. You let us know which changes improved the game, and which parts (like damage values) needed more refinement.

Similarly, we recently held a closed Early Access phase for the Core Combat Update and were informed of potential issues which are scheduled to be fixed shortly after release including:

  • Peacekeeper's Light -> Light chain is now always dodgeable
  • Highlander's Light -> Light chain is now always dodgeable
  • Orochi's Unblockable Top Heavy Finisher now can always feint to Guardbreak and catch back rolls
  • Various damage and stamina changes

We want to thank all Early Access participants for their detailed feedback, which helped us put these adjustments in place as soon as possible!

We will keep listening and working on issues that emerge as the entire community gets to play the Core Combat Update! Please write your feedback at our dedicated Reddit thread. Our community team will be hanging out in the thread to see what you think!

Thank you, Warriors, for coming on this journey with us. Enjoy the CCU!

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