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For Honor : Hero's March

As heroes of every faction march on the battlefield, they celebrate the myths and legends that shaped their history. Remembering heroes from the past, they honor the present and prepare to face the future.

Release Date: May 17, 2018

Join The Rite of Champions Special Event May 17-31

The Rite of Champions tells the story of three legendary, bygone Heroes through 18 special community contract orders, which spawn three per day and will focus on a specific Hero. The legend of Belval the Medusa can be experienced from May 17 to May 21, while Musashi the Crane takes the spotlight from May 22 to May 26, and Heidrek the Warthog will be the focus from May 27 until May 31. The event also includes a new mode: the Carousel of Death, a 4v4 match in which victory is achieved by downing all members of the opposing team before any of them can respawn. Every death extends your wait time to respawn by five seconds, meaning the more kills your team gets, the likelier you are to wipe your opponents. In addition to the gear you’ll get from just playing the game, you’ll also be able to get your hands on special loot, including weapon sets, effects, ornaments, and battle outfits during The Rite of Champions.

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Orochi Rework

Peacekeeper Rework

With the launch of For Honor: Hero's March, both the Peacekeeper and the Orochi will receive major updates thanks to community feedback. These changes will not only refresh the experience for these specific heroes but aims to better the overall balance of the game.

New Map: Beachhead

Season 6 expands the battlefield with an all-new Map: Beachhead.

Visual Collection

The Change Look functionality has been greatly improved with the Visual Collection feature. Players can now apply any visual that they have previously acquired, of rarity equal or below the gear being modified. This reduces the need to keep gear exclusively for the visuals, and directly addresses player feedback about the lack of inventory space.